Wednesday - February 23, 2022

Breaking into Tech: The Corporate Security Career Path

Presented by: Scott Gardner, Head of Global Security Business Operations

Scott Gardner is the Head of Global Security Business Operations and leads a variety of support functions to enhance Global Security’s ability to execute its mission. Scott began his career in the U.S. Navy, where he served nine years as a Surface Warfare Officer and Intelligence Officer. After the military, he worked as a Program Manager and Intelligence Analyst for the California State Threat Assessment System a network of fusion centers designed to synthesize intelligence in order to “connect the dots” and mitigate the risk of another 9/11.

For the past six years, Scott has worked in corporate security for multinational technology companies, leading a variety of operational functions and operational support functions. He has found the security field to be extremely rewarding and is energized by the opportunity to work collaboratively to solve complex challenges.

Interested in entering the tech sector, but not sure what career field to pursue? Join us to learn about Corporate Security career options within dynamic, global tech companies. The discussion will highlight paths to successful careers in corporate security; dispel the common misperception that security functions are limited to gates and guards; and provide insights on what life is like on the inside.

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