Action Res for the Read Spec

Course Description

Fifth course of the Reading Specialization course sequence. Serves as an introductory educational research course designed to provide knowledge, skills, and dispositions required for candidates to understand, interpret, and evaluate research completed in ARL 647B. Candidates prepare an Action Research Report and utilize library and computer skills to locate research.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use library resources, including electronic databases, to establish a historical overview of a topic that includes major research, relevant research trends, appropriate statistics, and model literacy programs.
  • Critically evaluate a published action research study.
  • Utilize correct form and style according to the American psychological association manual with all written papers.
  • Explain the difference between qualitative, quantitative and action research and when each type is appropriate.
  • Describe the various types of formal and informal literacy assessments used to collect data and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Discuss the advantages and limitations of qualitative data collection techniques, factors influencing validity and reliability, and processes for analysis and interpretation.
  • Describe common problems made when conducting educational research and how they an be avoided.
  • Evaluate if there is evidence-based support for a particular teaching or intervention strategy.
  • Produce a thoroughly written report of the action research project.
  • Create and conduct an effective presentation of the completed action research project.


1) Qualitative research article critique: Using the criterion provided by your instructor, prepare a written critique of a research article using APA form and style and attach a copy of the article (see Library Reserve List for MAT 640C) 2) Action research article critique: Prepare a written critique of an action research article which is provided by your instructor using correct APA form and style. Attach a copy of the article. 3) Locate from research, literature that describes the evidence-based teaching strategy or intervention used with your tutee in MAT 647B. You should be able to review at least three research studies that support the strategy for it to be evidence based. 4) Participation in class discussions. 5) Produce a thoroughly written report of the action research project. The writing should be of graduate quality, approximately 30 pages in length, double spaced, and be written in APA format. The final product will contain the following:

  • Title page
  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter I, Introduction
  • Chapter II, Review of Related Literature
  • Chapter III, Design of the Study
  • Chapter IV, Results
  • Chapter V, Discussion (Action Plan)
  • Chapter VI, Reference Section

Note: A detailed explanation of each component will be presented in class. 6) Create and conduct an effective oral presentation of the completed action research project (Onsite only).


  • ARL645
  • ARL646
  • ARL647A
  • ARL647B

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