Dr. Chandrika Kelso

Chandrika Kelso is a professor in the Dept. of Professional Studies, National University, La Jolla, CA. The fields of Criminal Justice or Alternative Dispute Resolution cannot exist in a vacuum, and are interlaced to and with other fields and disciplines, thus her reason for her expansive research interests. Therefore, her research interests include topics related to the fields of criminal justice, law, mediation, negotiation, security, and corrections. Given that she teaches in CJA, ADR, Homeland Security & Emergency Management programs, her scholarship agenda casts a wider net to gain current knowledge whether it is about how well our adult learners are faring, to how they may deal with conflict, to terrorism and its global impact, to race and justice in the community, to also include the incarcerated.


  • Kelso, C. M.. (2011). Police officer staffing: Analyzing the commonly held belief that more cops equals less crime. Professional Issues in Criminal Justice,
  • Kelso, C. M.. (2011). Assessing the long-term effects of officer race on police attitudes toward the community: A case for representative bureaucracy theory. Police Practice and Research,
  • Kelso, C. M.. (2011). Unlawful activities prevention act-UAPA (India) & US-Patriot Act (USA): A comparative analysis.
  • Kelso, C. M.. (2009). Domestic violence and problem behaviors among (exposed) children.
  • Kelso, C. M.. (2008). Child labor and the trafficking industry in India.
Dr. Chandrika Kelso

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Dr. Chandrika Kelso

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