Dr. Hassan Badkoobehi

Professor Hassan Badkoobehi has been working for National University, San Diego, California since 2000. Prior to join National University he worked for three more universities: San Diego State University, United States International University and Potomac State College of Western Virginia University, and University of Tabriz. He received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering 1982, M.S. in Industrial Engineering 1978 from University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, and B.S. in Engineering1971 from Tabriz University, Iran. He teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses in engineering classes. His research interest and activities are in the areas of mathematical reasoning, problem driven teaching, environmental engineering and related fields. He received two times National University President Professoriate award. He was awarded the President’s Distinguished Teaching Award in 2002. He has presented and published more than 50 papers, reviewed many book chapters and conference submissions, and served on many conference committees. He is members of many professional organizations including American Institute of Industrial Engineering(past), National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, American Society of Civil Engineering, West Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics(past). He possesses following professional licenses: California general Engineering Contractor (A license), California general Building Contract (B license), and California Landscape Construction & Design (C-27 license).


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Dr. Hassan Badkoobehi

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Dr. Hassan Badkoobehi

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University of Oklahoma at Norman - PHD - Civil Engineering
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