Bangalore Radhakrishnan

Starting from March 2010, Ben D Radhakrishnan, has been a full time teaching Faculty at National University. He is currently active teaching more than one program and is the Academic Program Director for the MS Engineering Management program. He develops and teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses including capstone courses. He was the Academic Program Director for MS Sustainability Management program. In the recent past, he had the pleasure of being a nominee for NU’s Distinguished Teaching Award.

He is active in research areas relating sustainability and is focused on data center energy efficiency and the use of modern technology tools such as, Blockchain technology and Tableau for sustainability. He is also researching the application of Artificial Intelligence for Project Management.
He is a remote Affiliate Researcher for Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories (Berkeley, CA) and is on the board of energy efficiency tool development for data center IT equipment. He did is sabbatical research on data center energy efficiency. Other research topics include student-centric teaching and learning, globalization and Leadership. He has participated and presented research papers in conferences in the US, Japan, UK, India, Brazil, India and Dubai.

Prior to coming to National University, Ben was in private industry for over thirty years focused on telecommunication software development. He was the Technology Program Director in Qualcomm and a senior R&D Manager in Lucent Technologies.

His educational background includes three master’s Degrees (including MBA) and a Certification on Sustainable Business Practices.

His hobbies include Photography, international traveling and hiking.


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Bangalore Radhakrishnan

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Bangalore Radhakrishnan

College: College of Law and Public Service

Department: Engineering and Computing

Academic Program Director: Master of Science in Engineering Management
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(858) 309-3423

Kearny Mesa Campus


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