Dr. Alireza Farahani

Dr. Farahani received his PhD in Applied Mathematical Sciences from University of Rhode Island with specialty in control theory and optimization. He holds a master’s degree in computer science and a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from University of Rhode Island and University of Buffalo respectively. His focus in computing is in combinatorics and algorithm design.
Dr. Farahani began his teaching and research at Fort Hays State University, Kansas in 1996. He taught various courses in computer science, mathematics and information systems. In 2002, Dr. Farahani joined National University in San Diego. He is currently a professor and the Program Director for Computer Science at National University. He has served as the department chair of Information System and Computer Science departments. Dr. Farahani was the recipient of President’s Scholar Award and President’s Professoriate Award at National University (2013). He received the Mediated Classroom Teacher Award at Fort Hays State University (2000).
Dr. Farahani’s areas of interests are in optimization and parallel computing. He is a strong advocate of use of technology in teaching and learning.


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Dr. Alireza Farahani, of the College of Law and Public Service at National University. He is part of the Engineering and Computing Department.

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Dr. Alireza Farahani

College: College of Law and Public Service

Department: Engineering and Computing

Academic Program Director: Bachelor of Science Major in Computer Science
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(858) 309-3438

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University of Rhode Island - PHD - Applied Mathematical Sciences
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