Michele Marvel, PhD, LADC

Michele Marvel is an Associate Professor in the Sanford College of Education (SCOE)’ s Department of Global Innovation, Social Emotional Learning, and Educational Technology. Michele has worked remotely in the field of online higher education since 2008. Michele’s dissertation, Motivating Distance Learners in Online Gaming Worlds, was a quantitative study of personality traits and motivation in virtual game environments with implications for distance education. Michele’s research interests include e-learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, time management, games, personality, and motivation.  Multimedia course announcements, student feedback, supplemental course resource development, and faculty training are some of the areas of higher education in which Michele uses educational technology to assist students and faculty and to promote learning in online education.


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Michele Marvel, PhD, LADC

College: Sanford College of Education

Department: Center for Advanced Graduate Studies

Academic Program Director: Master of Science in Designing Instructional and Educational Technology


PhD Psychology (Educational), Walden University
National University
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