Teacher Pathway Inclusion

Sarah S. Class of 2020

A Community-Based Educational Model for Future Teacher Leaders

The National University Teacher Pathway Inclusion Program is dedicated to offering a solution to the teacher shortage and to address the need for more teachers who come from diverse backgrounds.

The program offers a community-focused approach to supporting future teachers through partnerships with local high schools, districts, community colleges and paraprofessionals already in K-12 classrooms. Students are offered a streamlined educational pathway, scholarships and other educational and financial support. Through the program, students can earn an associate degree through participating community colleges, then complete their bachelor’s degree and teaching credential concurrently at National University’s acclaimed Sanford College of Education.

About the Sanford College of Education

Participating students graduate from the Sanford College of Education, which is the largest single producer of teaching credential candidates in California, and one of the Top 10 largest schools of education in the country.  Affordability is a priority, and the National University Teacher Pathway Inclusion Program is designed, based on individual student circumstances, to offer a completion of a bachelor’s degree and teaching credential for no more than $7,000 a year, and many students can qualify for substantial scholarship assistance.

The College has earned accreditation from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), recognizing its rigorous, evidence-based standards for teacher education programs.

How it Works

The Teacher Pathway Inclusion Program aligns with the focus of a wide range of school-career initiatives that are being advanced nationally through National University System’s Workforce Education Solutions.

Students at the high school and community college level are identified as future teacher leaders and connected with the National University Teacher Pathway Inclusion Program. The program is currently offered in San Diego County in collaboration with Gompers Preparatory Academy, San Diego Unified School District and Mesa College. It also includes discounted tuition for participating community colleges and school districts to encourage paraprofessionals to pursue their teaching degrees.

The Teacher Pathway Inclusion Program has been made possible by generous funding from Stephen Cushman of the Cushman Foundation and Peter Ellsworth of the Legler Benbough Foundation and National University.

For More Information

National University is interested in growing the program with additional partners in San Diego County, and hope it serves as a model for similar pathway projects in communities throughout the state and country. If you are interested in partnering with us, offering your students this opportunity or learning more, please reach out to Beth Kransberger at bkransberger@nu.edu.