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Ask an Expert: Can Human Behavior Be Studied Scientifically?

For our blog series Ask an Expert, we asked National University Associate Professor Paul Jenkins, Can Human Behavior Be Studied Scientifically?   Dr. Jenkins is the coauthor of Research for the Psychotherapist and seven published papers. He has worked in clinical psychology for more than 30 years with specialties in forensic psychology and mental illness. …

Ask an Expert: What Kind of Accreditation Should a College Have?

If you’re searching for the best school or academic program for you, you’ve probably heard that you should only consider accredited colleges or accredited online degrees. But it’s also important to understand that accreditation alone isn’t enough. The type of accreditation and who’s doing the accrediting matters.

Bachelor in Business Administration: Courses With Workplace Impact

If you’re looking for a versatile degree that can help make you more marketable to employers, consider the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at National University. The bachelor in business administration courses that define the degree offer students an overall perspective of everything involved in running a business, with classes that focus on areas …

How I Fit an Online MBA Into My Life: From Hairdresser to Attorney

Perhaps you are at a crossroads in your life when you have come to realize that to take your career to the next level you need a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. But you are wondering how you can you fit a commitment to a graduate degree into your life — when you’re already …

What is Computer Science?

For many people — if not most — the only interest they have in their computer and the software that runs it is whether everything works. Is it all doing what it’s supposed to do? Can emails be sent? Can the internet be surfed? Can documents be created? Can games be played and videos streamed? …

What Is an Accredited University?

When evaluating post-secondary educational options, you’ve probably looked at academic programs, cost, campus life, career opportunities, student support services, and faculty reputation. These are certainly important considerations in determining the school best suited for you and your goals. Looking more broadly, however, there’s a specific factor you’ll also want to consider: Is the institution accredited …

Ask an Expert: Who Accredits Colleges?

Accreditation ensures higher education institutions are delivering quality academic programs and support services to students. But just who accredits colleges and universities? We asked Dr. Joseph Hoey, vice provost of academic services at National University, about the organizations behind college accreditation.

What Psychology Means to Me: A Professor’s Perspective

Psychology, as a scientific study of the human mind and its functions relating to behavior, sounds like a pretty heavy topic. So when we asked Dr. Brian Tilley, Associate Professor of Psychology at National University, what psychology means to him, we expected a pretty heavy answer. Thankfully, Tilley was able to break the subject down …

What is Early Childhood Education?

Learning does not start at kindergarten. From birth, children are exploring, experiencing, and learning from the world around them in a variety of way. The process of shaping this time of rapid development in a formal setting is known as early childhood education.