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What Can I Do with a Homeland Security Degree?

If you’re wondering, “What can I do with a homeland security degree?” you might be surprised to find just how many career tracks are open to you once you earn such a degree. It might apply to more than you think. “Many of our active-duty military, veterans, and adult students are interested in getting into …

Best Degrees for San Diego Employment

The best degrees for San Diego employment can lead you to a new career, or advance your current career in industries such as defense, high tech, health care, manufacturing, computer technology, cybersecurity, engineering, and more, in both the public and private sectors. Our companion article, Top Industries in San Diego, gives insight into what’s hot …

Best Degrees for Jobs in Los Angeles

When searching for jobs in Los Angeles, you might find that the amount and variety of choices can be overwhelming. If you’re open to a new career, check out our companion article, Top Industries in Los Angeles to see what’s hot in the City of Angels right now.

Top Industries in San Diego

With such a large military presence, it’s not surprising the defense industry leads San Diego employment opportunities. In fact, one out of every five jobs in the region relate to the defense industry, with companies in categories such as cybersecurity, high tech, and computer science. There are many opportunities in several other industries, too, if …

The Transition From Military To Civilian Life: Major Challenges

When servicemembers make the transition from military to civilian life, they often miss a number of things: the all-encompassing focus on mission, the overriding sense of accomplishment, the personal pride of serving our country. But, for many, losing the esprit de corps between fellow soldiers, sailors, or airmen might be the toughest part of the …