NSG695A Group/Family Psychotherapy

Course Description

Theories/concepts related to group and family psychotherapy. Yalom's theoretical model serves as a foundation and various family system models are presented. Builds on the knowledge gained from previous courses related to foundations of neuroscience and health assessment. NSG695A and NSG695B must be taken concurrently and both completed satisfactorily to progress.

Learning Outcomes

  • Critically examine barriers and solutions in the effective implementation of group psychotherapy with various populations.
  • Defend 5 of Yalom's therapeutic factors in group psychotherapy.
  • Evaluate group member's motivation and readiness for change for group psychotherapy.
  • Summarize Bowen's seven primary techniques for behavior change in family therapy: the Genogram, the therapy triangle, relationship experiments, coaching, the I-Position, multiple family therapy, and displacement stories.
  • Summarize Bowen's systemic construct of triangulation within the context of family therapy.