NSG623 Biomedical Statistics

Course Description

This course explores fundamental concepts and methods of statistics as applied to health related fields. The topics of this course include: introduction to basic concepts of descriptive and inferential statistics as they apply to health research; basic and intermediate concepts for testing, statistical hypotheses, construction and interpretation of confidence intervals; applying selected parametric and nonparametric techniques; regression and multiple regression; analysis of covariance, multivariate ANOVA, and related multivariate analyses. Computer software will be used to illustrate statistical procedures.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe an understanding of the concepts underlying the statistical methods covered.
  • Distinguish appropriate statistical procedures for specific situations.
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct, interpret and report an analysis of a data set using computer software.
  • Recognize appropriate (and inappropriate) uses of statistics.
  • Demonstrate how to communicate in the language of statistics.
  • Evaluate relevant research and professional literature using a proper knowledge of statistics.