NSG412A Community Healthcare Delivery

Course Description

This course is part one of a series of three courses for community health nursing practicum.The community/public health clinical practicum experience focuses on nursing's role in promoting and protecting the health of populations in accordance with The American Nurses Association Scope and Standards of Public Health Nursing Practice (2007). This course will examine the role of nursing in community-based and community oriented practice and create conditions that promote healthy living. Theories of community-based and community-oriented nursing practice will be explored in the provision of acute and chronic nursing care to individuals and families that enhances their capacity for self-care and promote autonomy in decision-making. Students practice community assessment, development of partnerships with clients and an appreciation of the values of the community. Completion of this course partially fulfills the California Board of Nursing requirements for certification as a Public Health Nurse (Business and Professions Code of California, Section 2816-2819). Grading is Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) only. Students must be enrolled concurrently in Nursing 412, Community Health Care Delivery.

Learning Outcomes

  • Assess the health needs of a family.
  • Assess a community's health provision resources.
  • Propose how a community might address the health needs of its local residents.
  • Develop health education materials based on the needs of a family and its community.
  • Participates effectively in activities that facilitate community involvement.