RTT 320 Pro Ethics and Legal Issues

Course Description

Designed to provide sequential development, application, analysis, integration and evaluation of ethical and legal concepts and theories as they relate to radiation therapy practice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify theories and principles that guide ethical decision making for practice situations.
  • Analyze practice situations that carry high potential for dilemmas that require ethical scrutiny.
  • Evaluate a series of ethical dilemmas using the radiation therapy code of ethics.
  • Explain the common theories and methods used in making value decisions and differentiate between morals and ethics.
  • Describe how the basic principles used in the analysis of moral dilemmas function in radiation therapy.
  • Explain the language of rights and the nature of the obligations that are attendant to these rights.
  • Discuss the principle of confidentiality from different ethical points of view.
  • Discuss access to health care in relation to justice and the allocation of scarce resources.
  • Discuss for or against the adoption of 'a right to die.'
  • Develop an ethical rationale for the obligation of radiation therapists to study the issues of transcultural health.
  • Define common legal terms and apply concepts related to social, political, economic and historic issues to analyze the different sources of law.
  • Describe the steps in a civil legal procedure and identify the potential role of a radiation therapist.
  • Assess the role of effective communication skills in reducing legal action.
  • Analyze clinical practice issues of simulation, treatment delivery, patient assessment, patient education and quality assurance to determine if negligence is present.
  • Describe the role of the radiation therapist in the informed consent process, patient rights, and practice standards.
  • Evaluate safety measures to reduce patient injury.
  • Discuss the importance of documentation and maintenance of clinical practice records.
  • Discuss code ethics common to radiation therapy and formulate a risk management plan.