IHM 615 Nutrition and Fitness

Lead Faculty: Dr. Patric M. Schiltz

Course Description

Leading a healthy, balanced life is dependent on many variables. Two important variables include a nutritious diet and daily physical activity. There are many elements to consider when developing a nutritious diet and creating a lifestyle in which movement and activity are integral to our day. Understanding these elements helps us make informed choices about how we nourish our body, mind, and spirit.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the elements of a healthy diet and describe their role in nutrition.
  • Compare and contrast the various types of diets.
  • Examine the types of nutraceuticals and explain their role in a healthy diet.
  • Explain the impact of modern nutritional issues such as toxins, irradiation, genetically engineered organisms, and food allergies on health.
  • Examine conscious eating and explain the relationship between spirituality and nutrition.
  • Explain the role of herbs and herbalism in nutrition and health.
  • Identify basic types of exercise.
  • Describe the physiological effects of movement and exercise.
  • Describe the psychological effects of movement and exercise.
  • Explain the philosophical basis and benefits of yoga.
  • Explain the philosophical basis and benefits of T'ai Chi ch'uan and Qigong.
  • Identify the important steps to initiating a safe and effective fitness program.