HCA660 Health Economics

Course Description

Application of healthcare economics to decisions regarding the amount, organization, and distribution of healthcare services. Examine the structure, organization, activities, functions, and problems of healthcare from an economic perspective. Emphasis on management problems and policy issues in healthcare with regard to allocation of scarce resources.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the distinct characteristics of the healthcare system and how they affect the healthcare industry.
  • Asses how uncertainty and asymmetric information affect demand for healthcare and lead to "incomplete" markets.
  • Assess the value of health and its implications for decisions allocating scarce resources.
  • Describe basic economic concepts, such as supply, demand, marginal analysis, theory of capital, and cost-benefit analysis.
  • Apply economic tools and evaluation methods to improve decision making in healthcare.
  • Evaluate how the healthcare sector interacts with other economic sectors and the effects of these interactions.
  • Apply economic tools to assess implications of various healthcare financing and delivery models.