ITM520 Wireless NW & Security Mgmt

Lead Faculty: Dr. Mudasser Fraz Wyne

Course Description

This course covers the concepts of wireless network administration and security. 802.11 standard wireless solutions are covered including: fundamentals of 802.11 WLANs; radio frequency fundamentals; antennas, RF math and system operating margin, RF power output regulations, wireless LAN operation, 802.11 analyses and troubleshooting, and site surveying. Concepts of wireless network security are covered including techniques to defend against hacking techniques, and implementation of wireless security solutions. This course also covers the managerial aspects of information security. This includes the planning and implementation of security policies. The two parts combined help students understand the technologies used, planning, implementing, and administration of a secure information systems. Cryptography is discussed to provide privacy and secrecy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of Wireless Network (WLAN) systems and technologies and their impact on the information technology industry.
  • Demonstrate understanding of methods of wireless network vulnerabilities and attacks.
  • Analyze cryptography components, algorithms, mechanisms, and applications.
  • Evaluate Kerberos and RADIUS authentication.
  • Evaluate encryption types used with Wireless.
  • Describe the functions of Wireless Gateways and VLAN's.
  • Demonstrate understanding of tools to manage data security and integrity issues.