ITM430 Wide Area Network Management

Lead Faculty: Dr. Debra A. Bowen

Course Description

This course builds on ITM230 Wide Area Network (WAN) basics, focusing on installing, configuring, implementing, and managing a wide area network. Network reference models and standards will be examined, as well as configuring network hardware device settings for optimal performance. Security policies are discussed in relation to data security, as well as physical network security. Additional topics include cloud computing models and services, network operation systems, and troubleshooting and supporting networks.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the components and protocols utilized in a wide area network.
  • Describe the different OSI model layers and their roles.
  • Demonstrate how to install and configure a WAN for optimal performance and security.
  • Explain how to secure network data as well as physically securing a network.
  • Discuss troubleshooting and support techniques, specific to wide area networks.