CYB634 Red vs. Blue Team Exercise

Lead Faculty: Mr. Christopher Simpson

Course Description

Students will analyze and perform Red vs. Blue Team objective-based cyber operations as an active approach to establish a defensive posture improvement. The basic idea of Red vs. Blue team countermeasures is simple war gaming. A virtual enterprise computer infrastructure is established and the Red Team will attack the infrastructure, whereas, the opposing Blue Team will defend against the attack. This level of risk management has been actively deployed in both government and industry. This exercise prepares the student for the final team project in MS CSIA course CYB699.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare and contrast Red vs. Blue Team concepts and usage.
  • Produce a Red Team Penetration Test strategy to complete objectives against a Blue Team.
  • Prepare and synthesize those results of the Red Team actions against the Blue Team.
  • Construct the defensive measures implemented by the Blue Team to defend against penetration attack by the Red Team.
  • Prepare and condense results of the Blue Team defense procedures against the Red Team actions.
  • Prepare and develop procedural improvements devised as defensive measures based on both Red vs. Blue Team results.