CSC452 Human Computer Interactions

Lead Faculty: Dr. Ronald Uhlig

Course Description

Methods facilitating effective human-computer interaction. Procedures and environments fundamental to the development of a successful user interface are examined. Design philosophy, guiding principles, and technologies for constructing and sustaining interactive systems that optimize user production are appraised. Discussion of multidisciplinary dynamics of HCI, current and projected developments in HCI research.

Learning Outcomes

  • Provide students with the opportunity to analyze and apply theoretical concepts and/or skills from the study of HCI in a professional work setting.
  • Assist HCI students in the synthesis and integration of theory and practice by examining the work of one or more professional practitioners.
  • Expose the student to the literature and career training opportunities HCI professionals utilize to stay current in their field of employment.
  • Provide the HCI student an opportunity to gain knowledge and appreciation of the ethical responsibilities associated with the work of a practicing HCI professional.
  • Enable the student to gain a clear understanding of the importance to becoming a productive team member of an organization.