ANA625 Categorical Data Methods, Appl

Lead Faculty: Dr. Jodi Reeves

Course Description

Application of methods for analyzing categorical data for knowledge discovery. Analytic categorical data analysis concepts and methods are developed with practical skills in exploratory data analysis. Descriptive statistics of discrete data, contingency tables, and methods of generalized linear models are covered. Applying categorical methods using case studies and real world data will leverage statistical assessment and interpretation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Interpret the methods, tests, and assumptions in categorical data analysis.
  • Evaluate strategies to conduct data analysis with categorical response data.
  • Organize data for statistical analysis of categorical data.
  • Design technical and strategic objectives for analysis of categorical data.
  • Analyze categorical data using logistic regression to calculate adjusted odds of association and test hypothesis.
  • Evaluate results of a contingency table analysis using frequency tables and variable profiles.