TEL609 TESL Practicum

Course Description

A culminating experience in the Master of Arts in Second Language Teaching and Learning program. Students will be required to assess, plan, teach, and evaluate the progress of second language learners. Students must complete a total of a minimum of 16 clock hours in a classroom setting.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate selection, planning and implementation of appropriate methods and materials for second language learners.
  • Demonstrate adaptation and monitoring of curriculum for students with varied cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
  • Demonstrate the ability to administer and analyze formal and informal assessment instruments that inform decisions about students' learning and development across domains and content areas.
  • Demonstrate professional communication skills with peers, administrators, assistants, parents, students and other members of the community, school or agencies.
  • Demonstrate ability to critically examine his/her own teaching practice and make appropriate adjustments based on self-evaluation.
  • Demonstrate appropriate use of technology in meeting the needs of ESL students.