TEL603 TESL Assmt Procedures: K-12

Course Description

Examines and applies specific approaches and techniques of standards-based assessment and use of materials in order to implement the most effective assessments in teaching practices for all students, especially English Language Learners based on age-appropriate tools.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of assessment issues related to reliability, validity, and test bias and their significance for English language learners.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of state-mandated standardized assessments, in designing, monitoring ,and refining instruction
  • Demonstrate understanding of various types of classroom assessments for English Language Learners and their purposes, features and limitations; understanding of the importance of selecting and using appropriate classroom assessments.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the characteristics, advantages and limitations of various informal and formal assessments.
  • Demonstrate an ability to analyze student assessment and assessment results in order to modify and differentiate instruction, to plan strategies for reteaching specific content and/or skills as necessary, and to select or design classroom modifications/interventions to address an individual English language learner's needs.
  • Use formative and summative assessment to design and implement differentiated, standards-based instruction.
  • Apply strategies for differentiating and scaffolding assessment tasks for English Learners.