TED640A Student Teaching I

Course Description

Focuses upon the practice and development of teaching skills in the classroom in a full day, eight-week term at a school site. Elementary education candidates meet the requirements of the Teacher Performance Expectations and are mentored by a university supervisor and a master teacher at the school site. Students attend the seminar coincidentally with the student teaching experience. Grading is by S or U only.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe school policy, procedures, and facilities, and master teacher's expectations by completing Checklist #1: Site Orientation.
  • Describe the role of five school personnel and the school nurse in the successful and smooth operation of the school by completing Checklist #3: Interviews.
  • Describe a variety of lessons and identify State adopted academic content standards, teaching techniques, instructional strategies, assessment techniques, and Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs) by completing Checklist #2: On-site Observations.
  • Design lesson plans and present three lessons for observation and critique by the Master Teacher and the University Supervisor.
  • Demonstrate fulfillment of professional responsibilities and maintenance of positive interpersonal relationships.