TED635 Methods:History/SS-Heal-PE-Art

Course Description

Multiple subject curriculum development in teaching History, Social Science, Health, Physical Education, Visual and Performing Arts using State of California content standards. Content-specific teaching practices, lesson design, and assessment of student learning are emphasized to provide access to the curriculum for all students. Four-hours of field experiences in a K-6 classroom are required.

Learning Outcomes

  • Design a variety of educational experiences for the whole class and provide adaptations for ELL , special needs, and gifted students.
  • Analyze five categories of classroom-based assessment strategies.
  • Characterize valid and reliable classroom assessments.
  • Teach a designed lesson plan based on evidence of prior student learning and two current assessment strategies.
  • Design a long-term curricular plan integrating Social Science, Physical Education, and Visual and Performing Arts and include an assessment for the whole class and at least one assessment adaptation for ELL, Special Needs, and gifted learners.