TED633 Content Area Instruct-Assess

Course Description

This course focuses on content area, subject-specific instruction and assessment strategies effectively engaging all G7-12 students in learning. Candidates will develop a repertoire of content area specific materials, instructional methods, and standards-based assessment strategies for all diverse learners. This course requires four-hours of work in a G7-12 classroom.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use theoretical frameworks and instructional models to analyze content area teaching and assessment strategies.
  • Analyze content area-standardized assessments, formative and summative assessment strategies, and grading schemes.
  • Design a content area learning plan with an emphasis on teacher-directed/student-centered instructional strategies. (
  • Teach a teacher-directed/student-centered learning plan, gather student-learning data, and reflect after instruction.
  • Integrate current and future technological instruction into teaching case studies in content area.
  • Create a content area & resource file' targeted on teaching specified concepts/skills in identified learning plans.