TED631B Internship Seminar II

Course Description

This two-month seminar is taken concurrently with TED 628B Internship Clinical Practice and provides interns with opportunities to integrate and reflect on knowledge, skills, abilities, and dispositions acquired during their clinical practice experiences. Candidates focus on providing safe and engaging learning environments for K12 students through differentiated instruction and purposeful assessment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the effectiveness of an implemented learning plan based on Common Core Standards in intern's own classroom ~ responding and meeting the needs of five-profiled students, focusing on two students by examining student work samples, analyzing effectiveness of use of instructional time, social and technology resources, identifying future instructional needs, and managing instruction and student interaction.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of assessment strategies and adaptations/modifications, assessment measures (i.e. English Language Learner, Student with Special Needs, High Achieving Students) and student-learning evidence for identified CA-Common Core Standards outcomes and related instructional activities.
  • Use assessment data to effectively design differentiated instruction for the development of digital age fluencies for K12 students.