TED630C Student Teaching

Course Description

(Note: This course does not grant graduate level credit) TED 630B, C, D comprises the second, third and fourth months of the semester-long Student Teaching experience. Candidates are placed with certified Supervising Teachers. Candidates must successfully complete four components: (1) classroom responsibilities and professional dispositions, (2) learning environment and classroom management, (3) assessment and evaluation, and (4) lesson design and differentiated instruction. Grading is S or U.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrates fulfillment of Professional Dispositions by fulfilling responsibilities and maintaining positive interpersonal relationships.
  • Demonstrate effective classroom management techniques and provide a positive learning environment for students.
  • Assess student learning by using multiple assessment measures that meet the needs of ELL, special needs, and gifted students; analyzing assessment data; and determining student instructional needs for future instruction.
  • Plan and teach with increasing responsibility demonstrating the Teacher Performance Expectations (TPEs) and applying the knowledge learned in course work.
  • Demonstrate ways to: a) adapt content standards based on learners with diverse needs; and b) implement a lesson plan that shows evidence of differentiation by level of readiness, interest, and/or learning profile for a specific group of students.
  • Reflect on their teaching performance; identify areas of strength and areas of need; and determine student learning needs.