TED626 Classroom Management

Lead Faculty: Dr. Ida Randall

Course Description

Preferably, for candidates planning to student teach in the near future. Candidates apply research-based models and strategies in creating and maintaining effective learning communities in K-6 or G7-12 classroom settings. There is an emphasis on preventing and managing common classroom situations as well as working with disruptive students. Requires four-hours of work in a K-6 or G7-12 classroom.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use strategies and models in building K-6 or G7-12 learning environments and communities that are appropriate for grade level and content area. (MCA 1)
  • Demonstrate strategies to teach proactive and pro-social skills to K-6 or G7-12 students that are appropriate for grade level and content area. (MCA 1)
  • Identify legal, ethical, professional and effective practices for working with difficult students and situations. (MCA 2)
  • Identify policies, procedures, laws and strategies for developing and maintaining safe schools/classrooms. (MCA 3)
  • Develop a finalized K-6 or G7-12 classroom management plan. (MCA 3)
  • Use effective, legal, professional, and ethical practices in working with K-6 or G7-12 students and their families. (MCA 4)
  • Apply and evaluate strategies for working with outside resources in effectively managing K-6 or G7-12 students. (MCA 4)