TED625B Instruction and Classroom Mana

Lead Faculty: Dr. Nedra A. Crow

Course Description

This course builds on TED 625A by incorporating within a well-designed learning plan, effective instructional and classroom management strategies needed to engage each middle/high school learner. Teacher candidates develop classroom management plans and skills, use the plans in decision-making scenarios and apply the skills in various classroom situations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a classroom management for establishing and maintaining an effective learning environment for all students. (MCA 1) Signature Assignment.
  • Use feedback from two educators to analyze, reflect, and revise the classroom management plan. (MCA 1)
  • Use two systematic approaches for working effectively with disruptive G7-12 students. (MCA 2)
  • Provide appropriate responses to legal, ethical, and professional issues related to managing classrooms and working with parents. (MCA 2)
  • Create and share a content area andamp;#8216;resource file' focused on professional organization(s), curricular items (lesson plans, activities), audio/audio-visual resources, and technological resources. (MCA 3)
  • Use an oral, visual, and/or technological approach in sharing the andamp;#8216;resource file' with your learning community. (MCA 3)
  • Use Five-Student Profile data and State Adopted Academic Content Standards to design one 30-45 minute learning plan for a G7-12 whole class and four focus pupils (Field Experience) focused on student-centered and teacher-directed instructional strategies and identify ways for collecting evidence of student learning. (MCA 4)
  • Teach or co-teach a 30-45 minute teaching event using student-centered andamp; teacher-directed strategies, collect evidence of student learning, and use the evidence to respond to required reflective activities. (MCA 4) Signature Assignment