TED625A Curriculum Design Sec. Learner

Lead Faculty: Dr. Nedra A. Crow

Course Description

Integration of California's K-12 SACs, student learning data, research-based curriculum development, learner assessment strategies and instructional principles in designing short and long-term learning plans for each middle/high school learner. In actual G7-12 school activities, teacher candidates are guided in the application of these concepts, skills and dispositions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Design a variety of standards-based, learner outcomes and related learning products engaging G7-12 pupils in developmentally appropriate learning. (MCA 1)
  • Analyze and revise a lesson plan to display aligned curricular elements of learning plan. (MCA 1)
  • Collect and use student learning information on five K12 pupils in order to create developmentally appropriate (differentiated) strategies for each student. (MCA 2)
  • Pass an examination on variety of legal, ethical, professional, and curricular design issues. (MCA 2)
  • Design a Unit Plan for whole class and five focus pupils along with rationale providing detailed instructional decision-making explanations. (MCA 3)
  • Analyze and respond to two educators' (same content area) feedback on the Unit Plan. (MCA 3)
  • Design one learning plan for whole class, four focus pupils, and identify ways to collect evidence of student learning. (MCA 4)
  • Teach or co-teach a 30-45 minute teaching event, collect evidence of student learning, and use the evidence to respond to required reflective activities. (MCA 4)