TED624 Literacy for Content Areas

Lead Faculty: Dr. Jo Birdsell

Course Description

This is course is aligned with the California Board of Education adopted academic content standards in English Language Arts and the Reading/Language Arts Framework for students who are speakers of English, English language learners (ELLs) and students with special needs and is designed to assist Single Subject Credential Candidates in developing the background and skills necessary to teach literacy in the content areas to middle/junior and/or senior high school students in the culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms in the California public schools.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply a Reading approach that helps students in culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms learn from print text in your subject area, consistent with the state (or national) academic content standards.
  • Develop a lesson to activate or refine background knowledge and/or establish purpose for reading.
  • Develop a lesson to teach specific words and/or help students learn words independently.
  • Incorporate into vocabulary instruction word identification strategies, including grapho-phonemic clues, orthographic (spelling) patterns, structural analysis, context clues and/or sight word recognition.
  • Develop a lesson to guide students during reading and/or promote independent reading.
  • Develop a lesson using writing activities to support the content.
  • Develop assessments that measure students understanding of the content.