TED616A C&I I:History & Social Science

Lead Faculty: Mr. John Sylvanus Allieu Sr.

Course Description

Elementary education curriculum development and teaching History and the Social Sciences using Nevada content standards. Content specific teaching practices, lesson design, learning environments and assessment of student learning are emphasized to provide access to the curriculum for all students.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a classroom plan that includes, rules, routines, procedures, and consequences that establish and support a positive learning environment for all students.
  • Identify and describe community resources that support school learning environments.
  • Given student backgrounds, design a variety of educational experiences and provide adaptations for learners with exceptional linguistic and learning needs in the upper elementary grades.
  • Design lessons.
  • Design and implement a lesson plan.
  • Reflect on the experience after instruction.
  • Design long-term curricular plans.
  • Will be able to reflect and revise the unit plan.