TED615 The Foundations of Education

Lead Faculty: Dr. Patricia Dickenson

Course Description

TED 615 is the first course in the Teacher Preparation Program. The role and nature of schooling is explored through a range of philosophical, historical, legal, and sociological perspectives within the context of our society.

Learning Outcomes

  • Candidates will be able identify and describe a) Their underlying philosophical beliefs and values by clarifying their own philosophy as a professional educator that include the following: 1. Teacher centered and student centered educational philosophies 2. How the notion of differentiation fits in with their philosophy of education 3. How the No Child Left Behind Act fits in with their personal beliefs about how to improve the education of our nation's children 4. How to carry-out a California standards-based lesson that meets the diverse learning needs of students in the diverse community in which the school is located.
  • Candidates will be able to identify and describe : a) The historical context of American education, (i.e., the social and cultural conditions of PK-12 grade schools); b) The historical events that influence how you teach in twenty-first century diverse classrooms to include candidates' awareness of present day trends and their historical roots.
  • Candidates will be able to identify and describe: a) The legal roles, protections, and responsibilities of the federal, state, and local governments in protecting the rights and responsibilities of teachers, parents, and students. b) Education related court cases to include due process and the right of equal access.
  • Candidates will be able to identify and describe: a) Issues which permeate California's diverse reality to include diversity, culture, family structures, purpose of schools, democracy, equality, and social justice. b) The changing demographics of California's students, issues and trends in multicultural and special education.