TED612 Curric, Assess, & Instruction

Lead Faculty: Dr. Thomas H. Reynolds

Course Description

Students in this course will learn the theoretical foundations of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Students will apply the key principles in designing effective curriculum, instruction, and assessment strategies for diverse learners in a variety of settings. This course is one of six Core courses and serves those students not interested in earning a PK12 teaching credential.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze curricular models designed to align to the essential models of curriculum.
  • Analyze the Models of Instruction according to instructional theories, curricular use, learner roles, instructor roles, instructional expectations, and learning goals(s).
  • Create a unit of study displaying the key design principles for curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
  • Develop an instructional event using curricular, instructional, and assessment design theories.
  • Analyze a variety assessment products created to represent Bloom's three Learning Domains and two taxonomy levels within each domain.
  • Evaluate the designed assessment products based on key criteria identifying effective assessment methods and measures.