TED602 Educational Foundations

Lead Faculty: Dr. Bernardo Gallegos

Course Description

Theoretical foundations of education with emphasis in the historical, legal, ethical, philosophical, and political areas. Emphasis on the intersection of legal, political, historical, social, and philosophical contexts of both areas. A field experience is required.

Learning Outcomes

  • Assess their underlying beliefs and values to clarify their own philosophy as a professional educator that would include legal and ethical issues.
  • Integrate and apply their underlying beliefs to building a learning community.
  • Examine historical events that influence candidates' education philosophy.
  • Describe the historical context of American education (i.e., the social and cultural condition of PK-12 schools).
  • Examine the legal roles, protections, and responsibilities of members of the school community (i.e., teachers, teacher assistants, counselors, parents, and students).
  • Evaluate policy formation in American Education with special attention to policy development at federal, state, and local governmental levels.
  • Analyze the legal, political, and philosophical underpinnings of American Education.