TED601 Teaching and Credentialing

Lead Faculty: Dr. Susan B. Gilbert

Course Description

Designed as the first course in the multiple and single subjects California Teacher Credentialing program. Candidates are introduced to the California Standards of the Teaching Profession (CSTP), the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs) and the California Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA). (This course must be taken within the first three courses.)

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe briefly the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP ), the Teacher Performance Expectations (TPEs), the Teacher Performance Assessments (TPAs), and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Core Propositions (NBPTS).
  • Compare the relationship between the state and professional standards and assessments, and how they are used as multiple measures to determine the likelihood of a candidate's success as a teacher.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the commitment, rewards and responsibilities of a teaching career; and an understanding of the attitudes and dispositions of a highly qualified teacher.
  • Utilize systematic observations and interviews to support understanding of specific credential areas of teaching and to build professional relationships in that credentialing area.
  • Use various course resources to demonstrate an understanding of the TPA process.
  • Describe and demonstrate how the TPAs will be used to assess their knowledge, skills and dispositions during the teaching credential program.
  • Analyze each of the TPEs in relation to the California Teacher Performance Assessments.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the credentialing process and the requirements for achieving a teaching credential.