TED470 Student Teach/E-Portfolio

Lead Faculty: Dr. Patricia Dickenson

Course Description

The Student Teaching Seminar is designed to assess teacher candidates' development as professional educators. Teacher candidates will be guided through their student teaching seminar to demonstrate their professional education competency by successfully completing a Professional Electronic Portfolio. The ePortfolio is aligned with the six Teaching Performance Expectation Domains cited in the Student Teaching Handbook. The Student Teaching Seminar Syllabus is designed for either an online or face-to-face (on-site) delivery mode. The online Threaded Discussion Topics and Assignments can be adapted for small or large group discussions within a face-to-face (on-site) classroom setting. When the delivery mode for this course is online, students must upload their artifacts/reflections in two places: 1) the Seminar Course electronic drop-box and 2) the ePortfolio (foliotex). Grading is by S or U only.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate how effective teachers make subject matter comprehensible for all students by demonstrating knowledge of the content and by using active student learning strategies.
  • Demonstrate how effective teachers assess and interpret student learning by using appropriate assessment strategies.
  • Describe how effective teachers engage and support all students in learning by focusing on the learner, adapting to learner diversity, and fostering effective communication in the learning environment.
  • Demonstrate how effective teachers plan instruction by designing and providing meaningful learning experiences for all students.
  • Describe how effective teachers create and maintain a positive and safe learning environment.
  • Describe professional educators' legal and ethical obligations that include how to foster positive parent and school community relationships.