TED455 Methods of Teaching Science

Lead Faculty: Dr. Ronald Duke Saltinski

Course Description

Prepare prospective science teachers to be accomplished teachers in present day diverse middle or secondary school classrooms by creating a vision for successful science teaching. Candidates will deliver pedagogical content knowledge through appropriate instructional materials and by creating context for meaningful learning methods, strategies, and best practices.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss and analyze national and state science standards.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of science content for secondary schools.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the unique qualities of adolescents and young adults and the developmental factors that affect the teaching of science skills to this population.
  • Demonstrate the ability to respond to the affective and cognitive needs of diverse populations and cross-cultural literacies using the science curriculum.
  • Demonstrate the use of current science methodologies and strategies.
  • Demonstrate the use of current technology available to help develop students as science learners.
  • Reflect on their own and other's instruction as a means for self-improvement and self-understanding.
  • Demonstrate the ability to access resources that help improve instruction, advance the knowledge and practice of the field, and develop professionalism.