TED440 Leadership and Assessment

Lead Faculty: Dr. Patricia Dickenson

Course Description

Provides teacher candidates with classroom leadership strategies to create a classroom environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. Teacher candidates will also learn how to determine students' abilities through formative and summative assessments and to use this information to provide appropriate instructional strategies to enhance student learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a safe and productive learning environment for all learners and for assessment of student learning.
  • Complete your ePortfolio of Anchor Activities and Signature Assignments.
  • Describe the standards of sound assessment (validity and reliability), the methods of assessment (qualitative and quantitative), the uses of assessment (formative and summative), the users of assessment (i.e., for the learner, educators, parents, and other stakeholders), the context of assessment (large-scale, classroom, and individual) and the content of assessment (cognition, affect, and behavior)
  • Design instructional lessons that are grade appropriate and are aligned with the state content standards and frameworks for the selected subject areas.
  • Engage students by creating individual, small, and large instructional groups, selecting appropriate learning tasks, implementing appropriate instructional methodologies and strategies, and making connections to prior learning experiences.
  • Provide ongoing assessment of student learning through the use of a variety of formal and informal assessments.
  • Build and maintain professional relationships with parents/guardians, colleagues, and policymakers in developing a community of learners.
  • Support candidate in field experience.