TED410 Survey of Multicultural Lit.

Course Description

Provides K-12 teacher candidates with knowledge of the wide-range of genres of multicultural literature. Teacher candidates will learn instructional methodologies and strategies for selecting appropriate literature that reflects the interests and reading abilities for diverse student populations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Read and demonstrate an understanding of the different genres of children's literature with an emphasis on picture books and multicultural and international literature.
  • Gain an understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures through children's literature and share that with students.
  • Describe the benefits of listening, reading aloud and independent reading of literature in the classroom.
  • Critique children's literature and select appropriate books for children at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels that also reflect the diversity of our world and that can be used throughout the curriculum.
  • Utilize various response strategies to assist students in gaining meaning from text.
  • Conduct research on and share knowledge of notable children's authors and their contribution to children's literature.
  • Develop strategies and design lessons to integrate literature across the curriculum. design learning environments that are culturally responsive, promote students' appreciation of and understanding of literature and that honor and respect both the literature and the cultures inhabiting the classroom.