TED355 Hist/Social Science Methods

Lead Faculty: Dr. Janet S. Richards

Course Description

Includes content, methods and materials for teaching history-social science in the elementary classroom. Candidates will learn classroom management of activities/materials, planning lessons, using technology, evaluating learning, and integrating history and social science into other content areas. Student Teaching Candidates are required to complete five hours of observing and assisting in a classroom as directed by the instructor.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the background and skills necessary to teach standards-based elementary history and social science and to develop instructional materials to create a positive learning environment in the cross-cultural, linguistically diverse classroom.
  • Acquire techniques to effectively use technology to access the core curriculum.
  • Properly identify students' prior knowledge, select appropriate instructional objectives, and measure student growth.
  • Compare and contrast formal and informal methods to assess students' needs and achievements, as well as an awareness of cultural and linguistic limitations of assessment practices and instruments.
  • Acquire skills to foster the ability of students to evaluate information, think analytically, and reach sound conclusions.
  • Recognize the importance of fostering a positive self-esteem in all students by providing suitable reinforcement and feedback.
  • Demonstrate classroom management strategies such as: organizing and arranging a classroom, managing student work and maintaining accountability as it relates to the teaching of history and social science.
  • Select and use appropriate discipline models to manage student behavior.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with the current practices in assessment in history and social science.
  • Identify a list of web sites that could be used to enhance history and social studies instruction.