NBC681 Membership in Learning Communi

Course Description

This course will guide students in the review of research and articles that focus on the definitions, features and significance of learning communities in schools, classrooms, and associations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the learning from related articles or reports that reflect research on Learning Communities and Adult Learning Theories.
  • Know and understand how the NBPTS defines Learning Communities and where this information aligns and supports the Core Propositions and Certificate Standards.
  • Recognize features of democratic communities in the classroom, school and beyond and incorporate them as specific strategies in the classroom.
  • Describe specific instructional approaches including technology, used to enhance classroom learning community environments.
  • Identify and provide evidence of leadership and contributions made to the broader profession that have impacted student learning.
  • Identify and provide evidence of collaborative experiences that have impacted student learning.
  • Identify and provide evidence of specific staff development activities including the use of technology which focuses on teachers as learners and that have translated into student achievement.
  • Write commentaries as outlined in Portfolio Entry #4 that reflect accomplished practices and your synthesis of the research related to membership in Learning Communities with emphasis on contributions to the profession: work with colleagues, with families and communities and work and growth as a continuous learner.