NBC680 Quality Teaching and Learning

Course Description

This course will provide students with an overview that leads to clear interpretations and understanding of the various components and interconnections that shape and influence the quality of teaching, student learning, professional development and leadership in our schools and communities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and apply information gained from key research reports, legislative bills, policies, and practices that play a role in attempting to increase quality in each of these areas: teaching, student achievement, professional standards, professional development, and teacher leadership.
  • Accurately describe the NBCT Process and the Core Propositions.
  • Identify Certificate Fields, Standards, the NBCT Portfolio Entries for use in examining accomplished teaching, learning and leadership.
  • Provide examples of each of the 5 core propositions "at work" in classrooms and with students, community and colleagues.
  • Provide examples of certificate standards that are reflected in their roles as teacher and teacher leader.
  • Design a plan that addresses and proposes solutions to identified school needs and that requires leadership and action related to the NBCT Standards.