MAT670 Theory Best Practice Teaching

Lead Faculty: Dr. Lynne Anderson

Course Description

Covers theories and research on Best Practices in education. Best Practice research on effective schools emphasizes: classroom instructional practices, classroom management, school organization and planning, strategies for linguistically and culturally diverse students to access the core curriculum, instructional leadership, teaching environment, teaching strategies, peer assistance, peer review process and parent and community support.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the difference between expert teachers and experienced teachers.
  • Explain How to Teach More Faster and Teach for Transfer.
  • Discuss the research on Best Practices and the implications for optimum learning and accelerated achievement.
  • Implement Best Practice teaching strategies in their classrooms across subject areas.
  • Apply Best Practices to standards-based content instruction.
  • Discuss how teaching for transfer helps English language learners.
  • Create an interactive lesson using the strategies reinforcing, nonlinguistic representations, cooperative learning, generating and testing hypotheses, higher level questioning, cueing, using advanced organizers, summarizing and taking notes.
  • Create a lesson plan using the nine Best Practices outlined in Classroom Instruction that Works.