MAT648C Seminar in Literacy

Course Description

Work in this seminar course will center primarily on learners at the elementary, intermediate, middle, and high school levels; and it will have a foundation in what we know from research and inquiry in language arts and related areas. Other topics will include the nature of teaching and learning in classrooms designed to meet the needs of P-12 students with a range of capabilities, strengths, and backgrounds.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compose a synopsis of a book's critical points and present this to the class.
  • Compose a Becoming the Expert paper to find out what we currently know about a literacy subject and to pose questions that are unanswered.
  • Analyze answers to questions to make inferences and draw conclusions about the standards in the Reading/Language Arts Framework for California Public Schools.
  • Compare interactions among the literacy components.
  • Clarify interactions among literacy and other content areas.
  • Critique a variety of theories of strategies for working with classrooms which are diverse academically, linguistically, and culturally.