MAT648A Foundation of Lit Spec/Coaches

Course Description

Intended for practicing teachers seeking a Reading and Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential, this course examines the psychological, sociological, linguistic, and political foundations of reading and writing processes and instruction. Candidates will survey theories and historical trends in literacy instruction through the study of past and present literacy leaders' contributions to the field. Included is an examination of state and federal involvement in literacy instruction.

Learning Outcomes

  • Critique psychological, sociological, political, and linguistic foundations of reading and writing processes and instruction.
  • Critique reading research and histories of reading by reading professional journals and publications and participating in conferences and other professional activities.
  • Analyze the relationship between historical developments in reading and current practices.
  • Analyze the state content for reading and writing standards for students P-12, and their relationship to instructional practices, and professional standards.
  • Apply the theories of literacy development to improve instruction and other services to students.
  • Evaluate state and federal legislation's impact on literacy instruction.
  • Apply positive dispositions related to reading and the teaching of reading.