MAT647B Fld St: Lag Art Assess & In II

Lead Faculty: Dr. Marilyn E. Moore

Course Description

This field-experience course is the fourth course of the Reading specialization course sequence. It serves to offer the candidate the opportunity to implement research-based theory, assessment, and instructional strategies with a diverse student population. Candidates must complete a field experience requiring assessment and instruction of students, including non-readers and English Language Learners. Candidates work with English Language Learners and struggling readers at early and intermediate levels in one-on-one, small group and whole class settings. The field experience component of this course is a supervised application of theoretical concepts in a practical setting.

Learning Outcomes

  • Conduct individualized informal literacy assessments for struggling readers at early or intermediate levels, including English language learners.
  • Prepare a Reading Specialization Field-Study Proposal with recommendations for instructional interventions, based on individualized informal literacy assessments.
  • Communicate results of individualized informal assessments to parents.
  • Plan and conduct tutorial, small-group, and whole-class language arts instruction for students experiencing difficulties, based on informal assessments.
  • Communicate plans for tutorial, small-group, and whole-class language arts instruction to principal and other school personnel, including assessment-based rationale.
  • Demonstrate ability to incorporate instructional technology into language arts instruction.
  • Interpret results of formal literacy assessments.
  • Differentiate instruction based on language, cultural, and academic factors.
  • Analyze and evaluate their field experiences on the basis of theories and principles of language arts/reading.