MAT642 Program Design

Lead Faculty: Dr. Terry A. Bustillos

Course Description

This course will examine the underlying principles that have shaped standards, assessments, accountability and the need for educational reform. The course will emphasize evaluation of school programs, student assessment and program design using appropriate review criteria.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge competency of a quality educational program, which create democratic learning communities that succeed for a diverse population. a) creating small size for the school or learning communities within the school. b) structures that allow for personalization and strong relationships; c) intellectually challenging and relevant relationships; d) performance-based assessment; e) highly competent teachers who collaborate in planning and problem solving.
  • Analyze the need for change, reforming, and restructuring of schools and the issues of accountability.
  • Investigate the literature on what makes curriculum standards work, and how to implement standards-based assessment in the classroom, school and district.
  • Analyze the design and implementation of curriculum including the philosophy, assessment, management and expectations as they relate to the mission of the school.
  • Review state and federal assessment guidelines as they apply to school performance and expectations as well as meeting the state and federal compliance issues.
  • Investigate the factors that affect what qualifies given standards for distinguished Schools.
  • Investigate the procedures for doing self-studies, visitations by district and state personnel and requirements for further study.