MAT623 Transformative Ed Practices

Course Description

Evaluation of current national and international developments in education and future challenges. They will investigate global trends in education based on the analysis of factors affecting educational systems in individual nations and groups of countries, and synthesize them to develop a research-based, consistent and systemic understanding of 21st century education. This study will help formulate the most advanced, innovative and effective approaches for transforming US schools in view of future challenges. This course will have two options, one to travel overseas to a selected country to study education first hand, and the other to conduct research in the student's area through interviewing international students and faculty about their educational systems. This course will conclude with the project demonstrating an application of innovative global education ideas in the student's school.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a critical view of global trends in economics, environment, politics, and culture, and assess the impact of these factors on both global and national education.
  • Contrast major characteristics of international educational systems, including that of the USA.
  • Develop educational materials that illustrate advantageous features and effective approaches to teaching and learning in a global context, and a practical application for transforming US schools based on these approaches.
  • Create a model of a 21st century school discussing its features in terms of materials presented in course and program.